Clive Barstow

Tomorrow is History is a repositioning of the construct of time and place in the context of shifting Diasporas, forced and controlled migration and complex multi-cultural communities in flux. Through a form of bricolage, the artworks and associated writings expose the limitations of linear history telling by proposing a multi-dimensional narrative based on Henry Lefebvre’s theories of cumulative trialectic space, and Zygmunt Bauman’s thesis on liquid individuals in which he describes how reality should be emancipated from the dead hand of its own history.

Exhibited at the Hu Jiang Gallery Shanghai in 2015, and the Turner Galleries Australia in 2017. Individual works also exhibited at the Bursa Goc Musesi Sanat Galerski Turkey, the Cetin Emec Gallery Istanbul Turkey, the Taller Grafka Experimentale Gallery Havana and the Santiag De Havana Gallery Cuba 2018-2019 and the KE Art Gallery Shanghai China 2020.

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❮ 明日即历史 ❯ 是在变动的移民时代背景下,随着被迫和被引导的移民们以及复杂的多文化社区变迁,对时间和空间构造的重新定位。通过拼凑的方式,艺术作品和相关的文字揭示了作为线性历史的讲述局限性,提议了一种多维度的讲述方式。基于Henry Lefebvre的累积性三维空间理论和Zygmunt Bauman关于流动的个人性论文中描述的那样,现实应该被从它自己过往的历史之手中释放出来。