Clive Barstow

The Bridge Between was a series of drawings, prints and sculptures undertaken between 1978-1995 based on the impossibility of architectural principles and codes and the intersections between interpretive and physical space. This early body of work established a meta-thematic that has resurfaced throughout my artistic career, that of working across divides and in the spaces between the physical the mental, and the real and the imagined. Building a bridge while crossing it perhaps best summarises a life world that initially has function and direction but is then derailed by its many chosen paths, leaving behind it a residual legacy that appears well founded but is in truth riddled with uncertainty.

Building a Bridge While Crossing It was exhibited at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in 1998.

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❮ 中间的桥梁 ❯ 是一个创作于1978-1995年间的绘画、版画和雕塑系列作品,它们都基于一些不可能的建筑准则、语言、主观上和物理空间的交叉点。这一系列早期作品奠定了一个宏大的主题,贯穿了我整个艺术生涯,它跨越差异、心理和物理、真实与想象的空间。 “在跨过河流时建一座桥”也许最好的总结了一个世界,它原本的功能和方向被后来的许多选择带离了既定的轨道,不仅留下了初始的传奇,也带上了谜一般的不确定性。