Clive Barstow

2000 Years visualises political history telling by indoctrination, taking into account religious, geographic and educational paradigms that have given form to our constructed national identity in Australia. It suggests oppositional conflict and cultural hegemony as described by Homi Bhabha as an incommensurable third space, a void in which ironically the colony now seeks to order.

Exhibited at the Span Galleries Melbourne, the Erbil Gallery Istanbul Turkey and the Fremantle Arts Centre between 2002-2004. Individual works exhibited at the Euro Arts Centre Sarajevo, Ars Aevi Museum Brussels and the Art Colony Galleries Pocitelj Mostar 2004-2005

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❮ 2000年 ❯ 视觉化呈现了政治化的历史叙事,它通过信仰、地理和教育等学科的灌输,从而构建了我们澳大利亚的国家身份。它具有反向的冲突和文化霸权,正如霍米·巴哈描述的不成比例的第三空间,讽刺的是这种真空正是殖民主义想要找寻的。