Clive Barstow

Culture Pruning is a transitional body of work, influenced by my ongoing involvement with Aboriginal and Chinese cultural groups, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude. The monoprints offer a critique of our shared traditions and values, and within this the importance of ritual and repetition as a way of maintaining lines of visual communication. Cultural pruning is a political term that exposes the manipulation of history in modern post-colonial identity forming, a way of gentrifying knowledge through selection and erasure.

Exhibited at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in 1998 and at the Meou Gallery, M50 Art District Shanghai in 2011.

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❮ 文化修剪 ❯ 是在我与澳大利亚土著和中国文化的持续性交流合作并受到深刻影响后创作的转型作品。墙上雕塑和版画提供了一种针对我们共有的传统和价值的批评,在此语境下,仪式的重要性更加凸显,特别是它们保留了视觉的沟通。“文化修剪”作为一种政治语言,揭露了当代后殖民时代中对身份形成的历史操纵,这是一种通过选择和擦除进行的知识重建。